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Support for Dr. William Dulaney

Dr. Dulaney is a staunch supporter of the motorcycle community. Cancer has returned for the fourth occasion. The previous attacks have tapped his reserves and urgent care is needed. Without the funds, we fear that he may not get the treatment he desperately requires. Please reach out. Your help is appreciated.

Please Click the following link to donate:

Thank you.

Colorado COC Updates by mobile phone

Now you can receive updates from the Colorado COC by mobile phone text message.

Information that you can receive by Text Message includes: Meeting Reminders, alert from the Colorado COC Board, and reminders about Special Meetings, and Events sponsored by the Confederation of Clubs.

If you belong to a Colorado COC member club, you can Click Here, to be added to our Text message list.

Profiling Survey sponsored by the Motorcycle Profiling Project.

The data collected in this survey will help motorcyclist rights advocates throughout the country gather information that is needed to build an effective argument in the request for legislative relief in protecting all aspects of your motorcycling lifestyle.
Moreover, this survey will provide quantifiable up-to-date data from a national perspective, as well as a state and local perspective. This information will help identify the geographical areas that have a higher propensity of motorcycle profiling and discriminatory acts directed towards bikers. This survey will also help identify the core issues and support legislative relief efforts on a state and national level. We would also like to identify the biker friendly areas and share this information with the communities so they can look into the best practices and what is working, and help build a better social environment for all.
This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. HOWEVER, it will provide a lifetime of benefits.
In its entirety, this survey will run no less than 12 months with quarterly updates published through the sponsors’ websites, the first quarterly update will be released around 1 January 2017


Click here to complete this survey.

National Survey



Recently, the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2015-2016 concluded and the results definitively demonstrate that motorcycle profiling is an epidemic in America. Many motorcyclists in America have been targeted based on appearance, not behavior. The NMPS 2015-2016 is 99% reliable with only a 1.4% deviation.


The 2016-2017 NMPS is intended to more accurately define profiling trends so resources and attention can be focused on the areas that need it the most. As the movement to end motorcycle profiling continues to gain momentum, statistical data and demographic information are an important tool in the efforts to obtain legislative relief across the country.


Please take the time to take the survey. Note: NO PERSONAL DATA IS REQUIRED! YOUR PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY ARE IMPORTANT AND RESPECTED. By asking for no more than your zip code and email, which is completely voluntary, there is no personal information to maintain or protect.


Participation is critical and will have long lasting, positive impacts on the community. Remember. Silence is consent.

Click the link below to take the Survey

Thank You

On behalf of not only the MONGOLS MC COLORADO but the entire MONGOLS NATION worldwide we would like to thank everyone for the many expressions of kindness, support and love shown to us during this difficult time. All of your presence this past weekend during our brother Victor “NUBZ’ Mendoza’s memorial service spoke volumes not only to us but to the family of our fallen brother. Again thank you, we will never forget what you all have done for us.