The Colorado Confederation was formed in the mid-1990’s when J.R., the National President of the Sons of Silence, MC, found a kindred spirit in California motorcyclist / attorney Richard Lester. The concept of motorcycle clubs joining together to fight for biker rights had resulted in a growing network of state or regional “confederations” under NCOM, the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. Richard Lester had worked with attorneys across the country to help build such networks, and to provide the legal services to help motorcycle clubs battle harassment and discrimination.

J.R. also saw a Colorado Confederation of Clubs as a means for the state’s various patch-holders to get to know each other, and to coexist in harmony. From its early days, at standing-room-only meetings in the sometimes nervous atmosphere of an Arvada DAV hall, various clubs got used to being around each other. The initial top officers were Bandido Wild Bill (President), Nick Nichols (V.P.), and J.R. (as Liaison Officer).

To provide legal skills to help the COC meet it challenge and fight biker discrimination, Richard Lester interviewed and retained local attorney Wade Eldridge, a motorcyclist with biker litigation experience under his belt. Since then, he has served as the legal advisor to the Colorado Confederation, and attorney for many of our club members. Wade is one of many “Aid to Injured Motorcyclist” attorneys nationwide (1-800-ON-A-BIKE) who specialize in personal injury, discrimination, criminal law, and first amendment cases.

Before he passed away, J.R. not only saw his dream of club cooperation come true, but he witnessed his creation, the Colorado COC, grow and flourish. Such was his influence that, today, no hint of animosity exists between any attendees at the Confederation’s approximately nine meetings per year, nor at any COC events.

Roughly every six weeks, representatives of (on average) 45 clubs, 5 associate members, and 4 state motorcycle rights organizations, gather at the VFW hall at 2190 South Platte River Drive in Denver for Colorado Confederation of Clubs meetings (members and invited guests only). Issues affecting bikers and our civil and legal rights are always a topic of discussion, from local attempts to crack down on noise or biker-friendly establishments, to federal terrorist laws that have been misapplied to go after lawful U.S. citizens (and—gasp!—bikers). Candidates for office are discussed and sometimes dissected, and forums have been held on controversial legal and activist issues. The COC supports clubs and confederations in other states that are embroiled in hassles and legal battles that could eventually have an impact here at home. We participate in, and hold our own, holiday toy drives for disadvantaged children, and we throw the occasional biker-friendly party (ours are the good ones).

Any Colorado Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs party or event is open to all persons who care about bikers and motorcyclist rights. We’re an important part of Colorado’s motorcycling community, and we draw on the strengths of over 50 diverse clubs and organizations that comprise our membership. Coming events, and more information about the Colorado COC and its member clubs, can be found on our Calendar Page. For as long as two-wheelers roam our highways and bikers form clubs to ride, we will be here supporting the rights of all motorcyclists. “Our colors are our creed.”